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What outlet do I need for an electric car?

by Nurzviy Energy, Inc. 11 Sep 2023
You can charge an electric car using different outlets, including 120V, 240V, or high-powered 480V+ public chargers. Charging time depends on battery size and type.
For faster home charging, most electric car owners choose a 240-volt, level 2 outlet in their garage. It can provide around 20-30 miles of range per hour, depending on amperage. Nurzviy's home EV charger is directly compatible with NEMA14-50 outlets. If you prefer to use NEMA6-50, you can purchase an adapter: NEMA14-50R TO NEMA6-50P.
If you only drive short distances, 120-volt outlets are an option, but level 2 charges in half the time.
When buying an EV charger for your home, consider your home's power capacity, the charger's max charging power, and your car's max AC charging power.
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