Payment Method

Pay With Credit/Debit Card

We support the payment method below:

When you pay with a credit or debit card, you need the name printed on the card, the card number, the month and year the card expires, and the 3-digit or 4-digit security code.

This information, along with the billing address for the credit card, must be entered during the purchase process.

We accept the credit/debit cards listed above.

Please note that NURZVIY does not save your credit/debit card number or personal information entered into the payment fields when you make a payment. For questions regarding your transactions on your credit/debit card, please consult the bank that issued your credit/debit card.


Pay With Paypal


When you choose to pay for an order via PayPal you will be redirected to the PayPal payment page, where you can log in with your PayPal username and password. If you do not have a PayPal account, or if you do not want to use your PayPal account, you may still pay via PayPal, by clicking on the "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" option on the PayPal payment page, and you will be redirected to a secure page where you can first enter your email address and then enter your credit card information to complete your payment safely via PayPal.


Coupon Code

You can apply coupons to your order at checkout. Once you’ve entered your coupon code, click “apply” and the discount will automatically adjust your order total. Please note that your order total will not reflect a coupon discount if you do not click ”apply” before continuing checkout.


Please make sure that you enter the coupon code exactly as you received it, with no space before, within, or after it. To avoid errors, we recommend you to copy/paste the promotional code you received.

Coupons cannot be combined. You can only use one coupon code per order.

Coupons are subject to offer terms. This does exclude some items on our website which are not eligible for coupon discounts.

You can pay up to 70% of your purchase with bonus points at checkout. Remember that 100 points = $1.


Sales & Use Tax

1.What is Sales & Use Tax?

Sales & Use Tax (“Sales Tax”) will be charged by applicable US states to customers who purchase from us. We are required by law to collect Sales Tax in those states. You will see the Sales Tax applied to your order once you confirm your shipping details and proceed to checkout.

2.How is Sales & Use Tax calculated?

Sales Tax is calculated on the net total merchandise value after all applicable discounts have been applied. Total taxes may also include taxes charged on the delivery and shipping fees (if taxable in your state).

Sales Tax charged on your order will be displayed at the checkout stage.

3.Will Sales & Use Tax be refundable?

In case of returns and/or refunds, the appropriate Sales Tax will also be refunded.


Colorado Retail Delivery Fee

Effective July 1, 2022, the State of Colorado imposes a retail delivery fee (“Retail Delivery Fee”) on all retail sales that are delivered by motor vehicle to a location in Colorado and that contain at least one item of tangible personal property subject to state sales or use tax. Under Colorado law, we are required to collect this Retail Delivery Fee from you at the time you place your order with us. The Retail Delivery Fee is $0.27 per order, regardless of the number of items in your order, and regardless of the number of shipments needed to deliver all items in your order. The Retail Delivery Fee will appear on a separate line on your invoice or statement.

The Retail Delivery Fee is non-refundable even if you return all items in your order. However, if you successfully cancel your order before it has been processed for shipping, we will refund the Retail Delivery Fee to you.

For more information, please see Retail Delivery Fee |Department of Revenue - Taxation ( .


The instructions to finish your purchase are below:

Step 1: Select the type of product you want to purchase from the navigation on the homepage. Then click on the picture of the product you want to buy or the title of the product below.

Step 2: Click on the icon "ADD THE CART". After the page jumps, you can select the quantity of the and confirm the final amount. You can also enter remarks in "Order Special Instructions" on the left and  enter the "Coupon Code" on the right.Then click the "CHECK OUT".

 Step 3: Fill in your "Contact information" and "Shipping address" and choose a payment method.

Step 4: Confirm your information, and then complete the payment.