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How to Get the Sun to Run Your Toaster?

by Nurzviy Energy, Inc. 10 Nov 2022

This sounds amazing: get energy from the sun and turn it into electricity to run your toaster. But this is science, not magic. Solar panels can make it ,which use a strange science called the photovoltaic effect to convert one form of energy into another. Let’s get to know how solar panels collect light and turn it into electricity.

Solar science

The sun is the most powerful power station, which outputs about 10 billion joules of energy every year. For us, in the remaining five million years of the sun’s life, solar energy is inexhaustible.The whole planet is bathed in the baptism of this energy,which is one of the reasons why the earth has become such a pleasant place to live. So, isn’t it useful to be able to convert some of these energies into forms that we can use?

This is what plants do through photosynthesis. They use light to combine carbon in the atmosphere into sugar, and then metabolize it to grow. The more and more solar panels you see are doing similar things, converting light into electricity. The reason why they can do this is because the so-called photovoltaic effect converts solar energy into electrical energy.

How it works? 

Its working principle is as follows: sometimes, when light hits an atom, it will be absorbed by an electron around the atom, thus increasing the energy of the electron. On certain materials (such as certain metals and silicon), this additional energy is sufficient to kick electrons out of atoms and allow them to move within the crystal structure of the material. If you create two crystal layers, you can take advantage of this.

One layer, called N-type material, is polluted by a chemical substance (scientists call it doping), which means there are many electrons in it, so it has extra electrons. The other layer is polluted by another material, which makes it want to absorb more electrons. It is called P-type material. These electrons cannot easily skip the junction of these two materials (called NP junction), so there is a voltage difference between the two layers. If the circuit is then connected to each side of the panel, this voltage can be used to power the device or charge the battery.

How to choose your own solar panels

Photovoltaic portable power supply is widely used and is an ideal power supply equipment for emergency relief, tourism, military, geological exploration, archaeology, schools, hospitals, banks, gas stations, comprehensive buildings, highways, substations, family camping and other field activities or emergency power.

Nurzviy Solar Panel SolarEpoch 200W

Nurzviy Solar Panels Lead You into a New Energy Era Nurzviy solar panels, with the power ranging 200W, take advantage of sunlight and achieve delivering energy to your appliances at the conversion rate of 22%.

Nurzviy always believes the product SAFETY is our top priority. So, the solar cell lamination is ETFE. The cell type is Monocrystalline Silicon. The compact design makes it possible for you to explore more great outdoors. Go and start your Solar Epoch!

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